Puppy needs to have a puppy wellness exam done by the buyer's vet whenever puppy
receives his next set of shots and dewormings.  E-mail, fax, or call and then mail vet
report to breeder for buyer's file. This is mandatory to start buyer's one (1) year of age
congenital defect guarantee!  If buyer's veterinarian, after exam, finds any life
threatening problems, buyer must return puppy with supporting documentation,
including but not limited to, lab results and test results, etc.
Breeder does not guarantee against, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), kennel cough,
cocidia, giardia, ear mites, worms, or hernias (they are considered treatable problems
or conditions). All these issues, if present while puppy is in breeder's home are treated
by breeder's vet or breeder.  A puppy would not knowingly be sold or shipped with any
of these conditions. Any Vet bills encountered by the buyer once the puppy leaves
breeder's home are the responsibility of the buyer.

The breeder guarantees the puppy against death due to communicable disease for 10
days of receiving the puppy.   To one (1) year of age against life threatening
congenital or hereditary defects. If the puppy has a life threatening congenital or
heredity defect, it will be replaced with the first available puppy of the same value from
the breeder, as soon as possible.   No one can keep the original puppy, it must be
returned to the breeder  before another puppy can be delivered.  In the event of death,
an autopsy must be performed (at owners expense) by a licensed veterinarian to
determine the exact cause of death.  The report from the autopsy must be sent to
breeder's attending veterinarian for review.
WARNING: All shots and wormings are current to date before puppy leaves breeders
home.  No vaccinations may be administered within10 days from last vaccination puppy
has received.  Failure to adhere to this warning would void guarantee.  You would not
want to over dose a small puppy, especially a puppy making an environmental
This guarantee is non-transferable.  This guarantee is VOID if puppy is bred or
becomes pregnant. It is further agreed that the puppy is of pet quality for the
expressed purpose of a companion pet and there is no warranty expressed or implied
as to disposition, conformation, size or quality for showing or breeding.

$300 NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required to ensure buyers' serious interest in the
puppy or dog of choice.

A puppy is very fragile and time is of the essence if any illness or unusual behavior is
noted. Check stools for any signs of mucus, blood or diarrhea. If the puppy shows any
signs of not eating or drinking, PLEASE CONTACT JOANNE MARIE IMMEDIATELY!
My signature below is documentation that I have read and understand the guarantee.  
I agree with all terms as described.

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