Berry's with his Iowa Family
(Peaches & Teddy  2nd Gen)
Ralph went to CA (Gayla & Kubali)
Here is our dog Shilo and we got her from you a
year and a half ago. Best dog ever. thanks so
much. Courtney
Family Album
Annie   "She has adjusted very will to our family
& we can't imagine life without her." -Amy
Alfie  "I wanted to write to let you know how truly
happy we are with our puppies... Alfie is our life! And
Ellie is my mom's world. They are such beautiful
dogs... I can't tell you how many compliments we get
on their personalities & coats, etc." -Jennifer
Finley 1st Gen. Boy
"This is the only breed we'll ever own
from now on!!" -Marty
"He has been
such a GREAT
addition to our
family. He has
brought so much
joy into our lives
& we can't
imagine our
family without
him." -Debbie
We are loving this puppy. He
follows my little girl around step for
step. He listens very well, and
potty/crate training just came
natural to him. We have changed
his name from Moe to Ratchet. He
acts and listens like a full grown
dog, so I can't wait to start
teaching him some tricks.

Thank You So Much
The McCallister Family
Lilly  "She is a wonderfully smart & beautiful
girl with a great disposition. My husband, who
we had to bet to let us get a dog, wouldn't give
her up for the world." -Dawn
Manhattan  " We love
him sooo much!"
Jax Goldendoodle
Maggie  " Everyone absolutely loves her & she's
doing great. She's learning very quickly & potty
training is going surprisingly well." -Ashley
"She brought so much
happiness to me & my family & is
so smart & lovable." -Stephanie
Updated picture of Ralph
Cupid 2nd gen Party Color
Honey with new family
'Millie'  "Thanks for such an amazing
puppy!" -Janae
Pam, I have two of Joanne's
Goldendoodles that are now three
years old. They are the BEST dogs
ever! Both my dogs are extremely
healthy and friends who got their
Goldendoodles from other
breeders seem to have issues. I
just referred my boss to your
website as she is in the market for
a puppy. Thanks again for the best
dogs ever! Renee 10/12/09
Maggie and Molly
Molly with her bunny..
Goldendoodle puppy sold to
Hollywood Actor Bailee Madison and
Kaitlin Riley. She is absolutely
wonderful! Seriously, she is the
sweetest little thing! And SO well
behaved.. You guys did such a
wonderful job with her =) Thank you,
thank you, thank you so much for the
wonderful addition to our fam!! We'll
be in touch =) Flew to LAX airport
Hi Joanne,
I have been wanting to email you for the longest time to let you know
how "Cupcake" is doing, and quite simply how she has changed our
lives.  I wanted to send you some good pics of her so you can see how
beautiful she is growing up to be.  Well, as I'm sure you figured out, we
changed Cupcake's name to "Lucy Sky".  She just looked like a Lucy to
us-- can't explain it exactly-- it just seemed to fit her.  Anyway, Lucy will
be 9 months old on January 5th, and as you predicted, she is the most
beautiful Goldendoodle in all of California!  She is about 30-35 pounds
right now; her hair is crème color, and so soft and thick; and she has
long beautiful, apricot colored lashes. Lucy is extremelty intelligent.  
She was completely housebroken after two weeks of bringing her
home; she knows all the basic commands-- sit, stay, come, laydown,
heel.  And she learned how to "shake hands" in about 2 days.  She is
currently learning how to "roll over", which is a little more challenging,
but I know she will learn it.
Lucy loves the water--  so we take to the beach often, and run her on
the sand and let her retrieve the ball from the ocean's shore.  She is
definitely in her element at the beach-- that's the Golden Retriever side!
Lucy is a lover....she hugs and gives kisses; and she'll gently lay her
paws on your face and look at you with sweet love-- just as we
constantly do with her.
Just simply, Lucy has changed our lives.  And we are so joyful that she
is part of our family.
Thank you Joanne, for such a wonderful pup!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Reena Martin-California
Lucy-Beautiful goldendoodle
Joanne,  Thank you for sending
Skittle's shot and health
Also, we are feeding her
Eukanuba puppy food.
We absolutely love her!!!!!  She
is such a wonderful puppy and
has a  
great temperment.
Here are a couple of pics of her.  
Our kids are 11, 9 and 7 years
and they just adore her.
Thank you!
Skittles resting next to her
new Buddy! :)
Thanks Joanne.  The puppies are adorable.  
We adopted Benny (Tucker) from you almost
3 yrs ago.  Actually his birthday is tomorrow
(Jan 12).  We just love him so much.  Marty
says:  "He is the best dog in the whole history
of dogs".  Quite a testimony, wouldn't you
Tucker is so smart, sensitive and caring.  
Sounds like I'm talking about a human.  Well
he is definitely our "furry" boy.
Anyway, we are just thinking at this point
about an addition to the family.  I was not able
to find a price, are they listed somewhere and
I am just missing them?
We will keep those in mind for the future.
Judy and Marty Desmarteau
Wichita, Kansas
You may have to block me from your
email ;) Thank you guys for the most
precious baby we could have ever
hoped for! He is so completely chill.
He is
so smart an loving! We have our appt
scheduled with Shipman Veterinary
services 10/6, and "Max" starts his
puppy training classes the end of
October. He is teaching my son so
much responsibility, and my 7 year old
cocker thinks she's a puppy again!
We are totally smitten! He is already
barking at the back door when he
needs out, and he cries for only 5-10
minutes when he's crated, he's

Amber Roberts
Hi, Joanne!
Just wanted you to see the pup!  She's 1 today!  
We all adore her.  This
is the pup we got from you in July which you
called Honey. We call her Harlie.

Harlie is enjoying mountain life here in
Breckenridge. She's been hiking
and we recently discovered that she likes
creeks... a lot! She goes to
work with us most days. She's pretty much never
without a human pal.

She has a neighbor friend, a goldendoodle
named Bailey. They play and
play!  I always know when Bailey comes by. Harlie
cries at the door to go
see her friend.

Harlie is about 47 pounds now. She's quite verbal.
Most of her needs are
expressed with a whine.  We also marvel at how
she uses her long poodle
arms. She likes to hold hands in the car!
Anyway. We adore her and are looking forward to
giving her a very long
happy life in the mountains. She's perfect.

                              Thank you~
              The Mark Gossman Family
                         Breckenridge, CO
Hi Joannie,
I just wanted to send you the latest
picture of Oakley (Maddie). As you can
see she is turning out to be one
adorable girl and we absolutely love
her! She has the best temperament and
we have rated her "the best puppy we
have ever owned!" Oakley has been
super easy to potty train with a bell and
can do so many tricks that we need to
think up new ones all the time. She is
enrolled in obedience class right now,
mainly to keep her busy. She loves her
daily walks and even likes to swim.
Actually she loves being on her pool
float acting like a diva dog more than
the swim. What a crack up, she makes
us laugh so much. Thanks again for
breeding these wonderful dogs, I just
can't say enough.
Look for more pictures soon!
Oakley Floating
Hi Joanne,

I wanted to write you and let you know that we are enjoying
our beautiful goldendoodle, Molly, very much.   She has been
a joyful addition to our family.     She loves people, and
people love to meet her.  And, she is smart, too!

She was having so much fun playing on the beach near the
Golden Gate Bridge yesterday--I had to send you a picture.

                                             Thanks again!
                                             The Arnold Family
Hi Joanne!  I wanted to give you an
update on Ms. Bella!  She is absolutely
fabulous! She is so smart, so friendly
and just the best tempered puppy I
have ever seen. She is also one of the
BEST looking Goldendoodle on the
block! She is a great fit with the whole

She is nearing the 6 month old mark;
she was from your September litter.
Thanks again!
Casey Borgman
Hey Joanne,
Well it is almost three years since we got Cooper.  He is the best dog both
my husband and I have ever had.  He's a smart and fun dog and my daughter's
best friend.
Thank again,