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                                                                                        ABOUT US             
We live on a small farm in Southeast Kansas.  I am Registered Nurse who at one time desired to be an obstetrical nurse.  Our life has
taken many turns in the last decade.  Our oldest son, Shane,  was in an accident.  Being a nurse has come in handy.  (Possibly  one
would believe in fate!)   We had always raised Labs and Coon Hounds, but with all the changes in our lives we started raising the
Goldendoodles. This is how we began our small kennel.   With the help of friend's and family expertise we have acquired some of the  
finest dogs available.  We considered breed standards, personality and overall features of our dogs at the time we acquired them. Most
of our dogs are now derived from our most prized companions.  We are not getting any larger and have no desire to in the future. There
is only a certain amount of time in the day and each pet requires their own time.  
Our second son is Scott and his wife Joanne still continue to raise the Goldendoodles on this site.  We can only hope that if you were to
purchase one of our puppies, that they bring you as much joy and happiness as we have received.  A dog can be a life long friend and  
companion.  We owe so much to ours for lifting our spirits, giving unconditional love and of course someone to cuddle with!  Each one
has their own special traits and qualities that make them special.
This website and our farm is a family affair.  Please check back frequently as we will try to add new pictures and information as often as
possible (that is Shane's area).
Some of our Doodle daughters
playing with our son